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About Me.


I have always felt a profound sense of destiny guiding me towards supporting and guiding others on their spiritual journeys. This vocation has become not just a chosen career, but a reciprocal calling that has been woven into the fabric of my life. Over the span of seven years, I have embraced the role of a therapist, delving into the realms of human behaviour, social sciences, and relationships across the human experience.

My journey has been one of drive and ambition, acquiring multiple qualifications and experiences that range from certificates to tertiary education. I have delved deep into the realms of human behaviour and social sciences, traversing the intricate pathways of relationship dynamics and even venturing into the realm of business management. My credentials include a BASS Counselling qualification, expertise in BASS Community Services and Development, as well as Diplomas in Business and Children's Services. Additionally, I hold a Certification IV in Integrated Family and Youth Services, a testament to my commitment to holistic growth.

My formative years were enriched by the nurturing embrace of my parents and grandparents, who instilled within me a secure foundation of attachment. This bedrock of emotional security has been not only cultivated but passed on to my own children, a legacy forged through the crucible of healthy relationship modelling and the tenacity to navigate challenges that inevitably arise. I've come to appreciate the delicate art of navigating pain, and the wisdom to discern when to honour personal choices while steadfastly following one's values and beliefs.

The profound influence of my children, the catalysts of my transformation, have challenged, uplifted, and kindled the flames of authenticity within me. My husband stands as both my guiding star and a reflective mirror, an unwavering advocate who both challenges and offers solace. Yet, the most significant challenge and sanctuary come from within, for these are the domains where I unearth the very essence of my being.

As I reflect upon my journey, I trace its origins to the foundations laid by my familial upbringing. Growing up in the picturesque embrace of the Hunter Valley Region in NSW, Australia, I emerged from a traditional nuclear family structure. My upbringing amidst the convergence of English, Scottish, and Ukrainian heritage has granted me a unique tapestry of traditions, values, and beliefs.

My pilgrimage to the heartland of my Ukrainian lineage unveiled distant echoes of my ancestry, enriching my voyage of self-discovery. A central beacon of wisdom and insight has been my mother, an intuitive and spiritual being since her early years. Her unwavering faith and innate guidance have resonated through generations, weaving a thread that I have embraced and incorporated into my own spiritual compass.

As I journey inward, I find solace in my own spiritual practices, cultivating intuition and a deep sense of knowing. This path of trust and surrender has paved the way for me to guide others along their own voyages, to embrace the unknown with fearless authenticity. This resilience in pursuing my path, even in the face of dissent or uncertainty from family and friends, speaks to the profound significance of crafting one's own destiny.

Through relationships both tender and tumultuous, I have evolved, never defined solely by them but sculpted by their influences. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and devoted friend, these roles have chiseled facets of my identity. Some relationships have left me shattered, while others have forged my strength, and yet, through it all, I return to my unique, unflinching, and interconnected self.

My personal journey of healing has led me to confront the shadows of my past, liberating me from entanglements in challenging relationships and familial dynamics. This revelation of self has emphasised the significance of vulnerability within the safety of nurturing relationships. Recognising and dissecting patterns, both self-inflicted and echoed in our interactions with others, has become a cornerstone of my philosophy.

Embracing the transformative power of introspection and self-discovery, I firmly believe in surrendering oneself to the process. This sacred journey of reflection and self-excavation is where the seeds of clarity and self-acceptance are sown. As we unravel and mend the threads of our mind, body, and spirit, we can thrive in a state of conscious connection, free from fear.

In my professional capacity, I have ventured into the domains of Relationship Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Mental Health Counselling, and Post-Separation Family Law support. However, my truest passion and calling reside within the realm of holistic wellness. As a counsellor, coach, and healer, I am committed to fostering balance within the entirety of the human experience – mind, body, and spirit. My methodology involves a harmonious fusion of counselling, coaching, and healing modalities such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, massage, reiki, and sound healing. Through this holistic approach, I strive to guide individuals toward clarity, growth, and renewal, restoring equilibrium to their being.

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